Why Pave Chiro

Chiropractic students face a lot of opportunity, choices, and realities upon graduating chiropractic school. Many students have been in some form of formal schooling for close to 20 consecutive years of their life and the day they walk across the stage is the first time they can remember not having another orientation or pre-planned class schedule on the horizon. These students are expected to make a courageous step immediately after chiropractic school and open the doors to their own clinic. Only a fraction of students graduating school are fully prepared to accomplish such a feat, however, there tends to be a negative stigma around those that choose to go an alternative route. Co-founders, Kent Replogle and Jocelyn Redlinski, know the realities of pre and post graduation life very closely.

Dr. Jocelyn opened her own chiropractic office in Nashville 4 months after graduating, but this process opened her eyes to how difficult the opening process really can be. She witnessed peers that successfully opened offices as well as those that struggled. She also was able to see many of her peers that wished they had known about some of the offices that were looking to hire, but decided to open because they didn’t know of any good options. Many of them wished they would have been able to see more feasible options before having to make a life altering decision. She also witnessed many of her friends opting to go work at an office that they weren’t passionate about simply because it was close to home. She saw a growing trend of students, reaching the end of their school career, pressured into a certain scenario because they genuinely didn’t have easy access to the resources they needed.

Kent is currently a chiropractic student at Life University, and he has spent a large portion of his time travelling the country to meet docs and learn how to successfully communicate chiropractic and run a chiropractic office. This gained him many connections within the chiropractic field and to see what they were looking forward. As he got further into his time at Life University he saw that not only did students struggle to find good connections with doctors, but that doctors struggled to find passionate, hard working students that wanted to graduate and help grow their office. In his free time, Kent became a liaison between students and doctors simply because of the disconnect that was happening between the two.

With Kent still attending Life University and Dr. Jocelyn being a recent graduate, they knew they where the perfect combination to bridge the gap between the two populations. With Pave Chiro, they both hope to not only grow the chiropractic profession, but offer students the opportunities they need for their next step – whatever that may look like. They know when an individual is given the right opportunities, the outcomes are bigger than anything they could’ve done alone. Pave Chiro is here to be a resource for the chiropractic profession because we know if you want to go fast, go alone but if we want to go far, we need to go together.

Dr. Jocelyn Redlinski, D.C

Dr. Jocelyn Redlinski, D.C. was born and raised in the suburbs of Orchard Park, NY. Her dad is a chiropractor in Western New York and worked with the local NFL team for 39 years! Dr. Jocelyn has been under regular and consistent chiropractic care since birth! The amazing effects that a life of chiropractic gave her inspired her to pursue the profession for herself. After graduating from high school she moved to North Central College in Naperville, IL where she obtained a degree in Entrepreneurship and Chemistry. From there, she went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, the same chiropractic school her father attended! After graduating from Palmer she moved to Nashville, TN where she opened the doors to her brand new office, Crossroads Chiropractic in Bellevue, TN.  Being a female business owner, Dr. Jocelyn is passionate about helping others find their calling and having the resources to chase after it.

When Dr. Jocelyn isn’t in the office you can typically find her spending time with her dog, Peet. Dr. Jocelyn is also extremely passionate about track and field. She started track in the 5th grade and was able to obtain All American status in college. Dr. Jocelyn also believes that the Buffalo Bills will win a Superbowl one day… but we won’t hold that against her!


Dr. Kent Replogle

Dr. Kent Replogle grew up in the small town of Houston, OH. From there he traveled to the University of Findlay where he managed the men’s basketball team and obtained his degree in Health Sciences. After completing his degree at Findlay, he started at Life University in Atlanta, GA and obtained his D.C. in June of 2019. Dr. Kent became passionate about chiropractic because of the changes it has made in his life! When Dr. Kent started at Life University, he began receiving consistent, neurologically based chiropractic care and saw a significant improvement in his seasonal allergies as well as not needing medication any more. Ever since he personally witnessed the life changing ability of the chiropractic adjustment, he has been on a mission to help others make the biggest impact they can through the chiropractic profession.  One of Dr. Kent’s drivers in life is to spread principled chiropractic with everyone he meets.

When Dr. Kent isn’t adjusting in clinic, talking the ‘Tic, telling dad jokes, or working on businesses, you will most likely find him watching a sporting event of some kind. His favorite teams include: North Carolina Tar Heels, Oregon Ducks, Cincinnati Bengals, and we cannot forget his all-time favorite the Cincinnati Reds.

Derek Redlinski

Derek Redlinski is the brother to co-founder, Dr. Jocelyn Redlinski. Like Dr. Jocelyn, Derek grew up just outside of Buffalo, NY and has been under chiropractic care his entire life. Derek went to undergrad at Rochester Institute of Technology and obtained a degree in International Business and Marketing. From there, he furthered his passion for business by obtaining a Masters of Marketing at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Today, Derek works for Altria Corp. and lives in Richmond, VA.

Derek’s passion for business is a large contributing factor for why Dr. Jocelyn pursued owning and running her businesses. He is passionate about making sure others are prepared for their future – whatever that may look like. When Derek isn’t working you will most likely find him getting his home ready for the birth of his first child or travelling the globe. One of Derek’s favorite trips was trekking through Patagonia. Derek also has a firm stance that all chicken wings should be bone-in.